Monday, January 19, 2009

TEH BOSS OF TEH WEEK! Mr. "Fernandez"

Who said goth is “dark”? why white horse emo face? And what’s with 2 metric tones of white powder?

If really wanna be a bad-ass and “evil” , try eating “MANSAF” OR “MUNDI” ever now and then. Also NEVER TRY TO WASH YOU FACE . Lastly, think like a turkey!

The final product???

The great Fernandez!

YES! He’s the funkiest boss of all time! And the one very few weird ones too.

The roundy shape. The deep dynamic black . the pearly shiny eyes. Those petite bat wings . His baby face..


He’s the one boss that you’ll always welcome and be happy to fight him , he gives that kind of ease and and encourage your self esteem . how, you say ? well he sends sub message to all player which roughly translated “ it’s ok to be fat..and Curious” . that’s what I understood.

Also, he makes feels good about yourself giving the many possibilities and advantages for being a great sphere , such as , chicks will dig you for you enormous smile , people will respect for your SIZE cuz it matters! Finally ,for charismatic bossy eyes !

Ahem! Mr. “F” is the final boss of WAKUWAKU7 , that appeared on neogeo/mvs and the Saturn systems. By knowing these two systems , you should know what kind of game we’re dealing with . the game with FAT juicy 2d and a gameplay of laziness ( easy to play).

Fernandez is as tall as a GODown3dZilla skyscraper. Through a variety of magical means, the other characters are enlarged so as to fight him on equal terms. In order to fight him , the fairy will giant-size you , so you fight the him in AL-RAJOL AL-7ADEEDI fashion. That funky to cheese to me!

Fernandez lampoons many SNK bosses. He is large, but still agile (yeah , fast and curious), and deals high damage. His closest resemblance to SNK bosses is that he suffers from "SNK Boss Syndrome," which dictates that they are fast and nearly impossible to beat without constantly using one move to exploit a weakness.

He is also notably cheap in this manner, as his HaraHara requires absolutely no charge. Most of his moves are simple attacks by using his oversized hands, the rest being more comical, such as eating his opponent, then blasting them out of his backside.

Finally , you need to be fat.


Neoark said...

ROFL!!!! i keep laughing while reading this post! me and bu hussain really had nice laugh!! :D

i love this boss of the week section!

i'll try to find youtube and link it!

Kuwait Surviv0r said...


Anonymous said...

3jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb!!!! 9ej gowi!

Crooger said...

Thanx for the replay all!
i'll post a new strange yummy thing

Anood said...

Lol that is AWESOME!! Great post, Crooger! :D

Crooger said...

then go and see my other post too , GHYAA2!

Neoark said...

lol, sadly i know about it ;p

btw that wood looks exactly like ryu and when i youtube him he was doing ALL RYU moves!! it was funny!! XD

Crooger said...

and you thought dan is the 1st mocking/parody ?