Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Movies: Singin' In The Rain + Cover Girl

I guess while at it, I recommend watching two of Gene Kelly best movies, but mostly I recommend Singin' in The Rain.

Recently not much new movies worth watching, other than Curious case of Benjamen Buttons, so I think watching Classic is good idea, and why not starting with something positive, romantic and magical musical.

it has been a while since we saw one of those movies where they sing in middle of story and people dances that has no link to story whatsoever ;p, kinda better than all gun, depression and evil movies nowadays are. >.>

Singin' In The Rain

Cover Girl


Anonymous said...

weeeeeeen a79el hal filmeeeen!?

DreamerGirl said...

Lol, the way you wrote the movie name is cute.

Neoark said...

thanks ;p