Friday, January 30, 2009


I just got VIVA line, my BP gone up thanks to this bitch from ZAIN, I told her I paid December month, and they want me to pay for January month which is actually HAS NOT END YET, my brother has one, crooger's two internet line of them, and all of them they 'close it', not to mention my zain number, and my friends...

They will continue taking money without giving you service, so in other words....

this what will happen....

Januray service ends 25k.d owned for this month
Febrary: 55k.d <-- still can't use internet, because they closed the service.
March: 85k.d <-- still need to get balance zero to be able to get internet back.
April: 115k.d <--- they will end contract here and start sueing you for their money

yknow you 'pay in advance' for zain... and will charge you for no service internet for extra 3 months :/


so I got VIVA, lets see, I pay 20k.d each month, plus you get free USB, the bad thing is you have one year contract if you cancel it you have to pay 50k.d and you have to pay each month cause u got usb for free, and honestly, even though some part of service is not whole coverage, but we will see if it was unlimited or not ;p

actually, me, crooger and Cube, we got three, SO LONG ZAIN... YOU BEEN DUMPED!!!


On-The-Rocks said...

hnmmm, zain sucks, they're about the money

Neoark said...

well, they should make better quality THEN

Anonymous said...

Same with me, call 107, first said my bill is for dec, then its jan, when asking i still have 1 day to get the month over, some sick response, Its system blah blah.

And if you need to pay online no way to can do that, as the service just stops. have to go to a zain distributor (or wat ever) to settle the bills, again of you have fraction on your bill like 200 files etc (For SMS), you cannot pay less than 500 fils.

All suckers!!

Neoark said...

yeah, they pissed me off with their system, there is freaking 3 company, which means THEY SHOULD START THINKING BEFORE FREAKING KEEP THIS LAME SYSTEM!