Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Girl

I been thinking since someone asked me, what type of girl I want...

Well for starters, I hate innocent girl act so much, because if she has time to lie to me at start, just put it in untrustworthy, so all innocent girls will have huge X mark on them.

I had so many girls want to be my wife, actually no love included from them, therefore I want a girl doesn't want to be my wife, just want to be next to me, once i find her i'll know she is the one.

I never believe in words, your actions is your words, saying otherwise I'll ignore it, will play along, make you think I believe it, but won't believe single word. (goes to everyone, family, friends, co-workers)

I want her to be CUTE, maby sexy, screw pretty, just cute... SUPER CUTE!!! wait.. cute are evil... fine i'll suffer, but has to be CUTE!!