Friday, January 16, 2009

FF13 is 2010 April...english

Yes, we won't play this hot chick until 2010 April, sad news, you have to wait an extra year, for me, I'll freaking play it Japanese, can't wait, will use Gamefaqs' translation for story, and will do fine, won't be my first Japanese language rpg or last, will get it in english after one year.

i have no 9aber....


Anonymous said...



The only reason I got a PS3 was for this game! :( And yes ma3indek 9aber :P I should learn Japanese... I've been wanting to play Suikogaiden ever since it came out ;[

Neoark said...

best part that gamefaqs will give u translation for story and words, and rest enjoy playing ;p

damn, wish i played that suikoden game >.<

need to learn japanese

G said...

The japanese FF13 is not out yet right. The release is in summer, thats what I know.

yahya said...

damn them Japanese they'll play it without knowing that in other countries there r people who don't even know a single word of Japanese
they r to damn lucky

Neoark said...

Kuwait Surviv0r: want me to write about him? ;p

yahya: agreed >.<

G: well i think around this April and July forgot the announcement :/