Tuesday, January 27, 2009


'United state of Tara' this new tv series is just a joke, I dunno how they come with stupidest idea and yet still amaze me to find something even more stupid every time.

'Trust Me... Us' is also stupid idea where someone's new boss is his best best friend, and really troublemaker....

oh yeah, 'Painkiller Jane' seemed the writer loved the cheerleader in Heroes they wanted to make a series based on that, a woman that never dies, and regenerate her body, assigned her to work as some sort of spy, isn't that what like dozen of shows i seen?

'Being Erica' is also stupid, where a girl has these problems she sent back in time to fix the mistakes she made, but the stupid I kinda wanna WATCH :D

I kept watching her video blog on youtube until it hit me, i wanna see her tv series!! although i think her videos are fun, so there might be a chance for her tv :p

btw the girl on her video blog she hates, kinda looks like my ex >.>

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