Sunday, January 18, 2009

2 of Star Ocean remake games on psp

Rejoice! for Role-Playing Games society!

Star Ocean: First Departure (already released)

First Departure is a remake for Star Ocean Original was released on Super Nintendo, for those who enjoyed Star Ocean can play the prequel of the game! the game is available now in USA.

Star Ocean: The Second Evolution (release date is 19/1/2009)

Second Evolution is remake for second story which was release on PlayStation one, second story has an animation released for it, the date release for USA is tomorrow, which is why i wrote this topic!

Star Ocean EX (anime based on second story)
Opening song

Ending song


Anood said...

I played Star Ocean: First departure and I was a little dissapointed.. It was good, but it really didn't live up to its Star Ocean 2 standards :( Can't wait for an English Second Evolution torrent though! Yalla!

Neoark said...

lol, yeah second story is just amazing, have ya seen the animated? :p