Tuesday, January 27, 2009


A person emailed me he said "Yo grumpy, you see i got playstation 3, but my qualitynet connection sucks at times".

I told him, and will tell everyone.

#2 Fasttelco
#3 Global Network
#4 Qualitynet
#5 Viva
#6 Zain
#7 Wataniya

KEMS + alyaf tho`2yah = NUKLEAR SPEED :D

plus 110k.d for one year, so yeah, i'd take that,

Fasttelco is slightly less than KEMS, ya3ny eshwaiyah

stay away from Qualitynet and Wataniya at all costs... actually from #4 to #7 just stay away from it, although viva seemed to be good, but coverage is just like 60% i have trouble talking on my un-sold awesome phone number :p


Bashar said...

So where can I get this Fiber Optics from KEMS?

Neoark said...

lol if getting fiber optic just like that i would of done it long time ago.

just wait till goverment change ur phone cable

الوزير الإصلاحى الشاب الدكتور أبو جـيـج said...

I'm using Qualitynet with my PS3...very little lag...works great even with shooters like COD4

I have a 5Mb ADSL

Neoark said...

well i'm sorry to hear that, must be suck if any cable cut and you waste money just doing nothing but waiting fo them to fix the cable, unlike others who has satellite

you can added on ps3, got cold rank lv55 on cod4 ;p

Anonymous said...

Check here