Sunday, January 11, 2009

Girls, we see your panties!

this is fashion tips from worst person to have advice about fashion ;p

okay, some girls are unable to figure out specially the teenager, so I decided to help them out!

first of all, wearing under tanoorah or jeans should be this type of underwear

You see, normal we can view what type of underwear if you didn't cover your butt, so we guys can view them, seriously you'll be surprised to know type of girl from her underwear ;p

secondly wearing jeans, you see in case you can't see yourself, let me show you

that's not only, if you check that picture from front, you can view her private area, we'll see how does your body looks like while wearing it, like this picture she isn't wearing any panties...

take a picture in bright day light, and see closely your butt while wearing a jeans, so, better cover that area~ with shirt or something else, you figure out.

remember, girl dress reflect her lust, the sexy she dress the more reason of guys know she want to have sex badly.

you'll see a woman wearing sheeilah, showing part of her hair, and 3abiyah theeeeega 7eeel, and you can view jeans she wearing, ya3ny even if she cover, we know she wants sex badly.

and ako girls not wearing tight covering part, just showing her hair..

remember girls, our eyes on your butt :D~

p.s. for certain person, you tempted me to write it!!


chikapappi said...

who would wear that under anything! 7e99at al3ab!

Neoark said...

ako more than one option like wearing long shirt to cover the butt

Anoosa said...

even though U came to a VERYYYY sensitive subject that i think that U shouldnt have put!! but in other meaninngs i think that is the only way to make girls who DONT understand to understand!!! whats wrong with clothes that doesnt show off your personal belongs!!!!! GIRLS PLZZ SEE THIS POST TO KNOW WHAT GUYS THINK!!!

Kuwait Surviv0r said...

or wearing nothing :P

Neoark said...

surviv0r: good point!!

anoosa: i don't mind losing few points for the greater good, this post apply to guys, wait i'll post another one about them

Anoosa said...

looooool!! ok ill be waitin'!!! =D that better be a good one!!!

Think-Become said...

kalamik saaa7!! girls need to watch what they're wearing because it does interpret what they are feeling.

Bashiieru said...

do guys even watch girls who wear baggy pants and long loose shirts ?

If so, then that's really annoying.
because no matter what we do, you guys still watch! ¬_¬