Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bring back the oldies!

Check only first minute of this clip, man, how did I got this ;p

so... I want to play these RPGs one more time...

Suikoden I + II
Thousand Arms
Star Ocean II
Lunar I + II
Chrono Cross
Vagrant Story

I guess I'll put it inside the PSP and play it, wish PS3 can be done the same, saves me a lot of time, and won't ruin the blu-ray lens

I need to find Video Games OST, I mean I don't like songs that much, however Original Sound Track is just music, no one singing "BABY!! OH YEAAAAH!" or bunch f craps, just music.

damn, I am sure I got some DVD laying around has OST...

I just download all Karas OST, wanna hear the epic song of karas? check this clip.


Anonymous said...

not sure if the same thing but i like music tracks from old consoles like sega and SNES. these are the ones that i could remember quickly but there are many many more

street fighter - ryu's stage

streets of rage (AKA bare knuckles):

Sunset Riders (only the final stage theme):

Neoark said...

how about Sonic, Zelda, and other OST :p

man, you should email me!! although for second i thought you were one of my friends XD