Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Last Remnant

Just finished playing this game , and I have to say I'm impressed ! to be honest I didn't think it would . Last Remnant is a Xbox360 RPG by SquareEnix
Story :
you start as Rush Sykes a young man searching for his kidnapped sister , gets mixed up in a war , meets a group of people who become friends and help him search for his sister , and the story gets more and more involved. Nothing to fancy the story does the job without complexity.

Gameplay :
This is where the game really shines and make it stands up in its competitive genre . The flow of the game is go to town speak to npcs and progress with the story , there are Side missions and quests you can get from the guild which are optional but really have great awards for doing them . Now what makes this game special is the "Battle System". A battle is initiated when you bump into a monster in the field map , you can chain more monsters making the fight harder but with better rewards. Transfering into the battle screen , you control Unions , each Union consist of maximum of 5 units , one of them is the leader. Ofcourse the more you progress in the game the larger you can make your army . The battle is turn based and you control the each team with one command per turn. The Union share the HP and AP of the units in it. The AP is for Skills and Magic , you can use items which use up inventory. Strategy is involved in which command to give your union and from which side you face the mob, each side had an advantage and disadvantage, as well as the formation of the unions. Its not complex when you try it , but alot of strategy is needed to win with the bigger & tougher mobs.
Also one thing I didn't quite like was the gearing system , you can equip the hero "Rush" with wepons and accsesories and synth new ones by getting certine items. With a wide varaity of wepons it gets hard to focus on one or two kind, maybe thats a good thing for others but not me :) . oh and you can't equip your teammates as you desire , if they find items they want they will ask if they can take it and they will synth it automaticly when the get all the neaded items.

Soundtrack :
I'm a big fan of video games sound tracks. This stands high , with the symphonic music and fast paced battle songs. Its still missing somthing in my opinion , well its not Noubu Umatsu :p ...
The English voice acting I didn't like very much , it could have been better . Come to think of it the only good RPG with English voice acting was Lost Odyssey...

Overall :
An Excellent RPG that I would replay again later . Has a few cons , but the pros overrule it :D
if your looking for a new game not the traditional ones , get this one.


Neoark said...

nice, but i thought it wasn't that good...

glad someone loved it

Anonymous said...

hehe I do not think it was that good!

Rave21 said...

Its different in a good way :) well that's what I think atleast ,If you like derailing from the main story and hunt big game mobs then try it out .

Neoark said...

you played FFXI
I can tell ;p

Rave21 said...

guilty :p