Monday, January 5, 2009

Special only please

Today I was at coffee shop installing Windows 7 which I'm using currently, however while we were at coffee shop, I couldn't control myself and flirted with the girl who just came, she has a dear body, I asked Surviving in Kuwait aka rand4 (who gave me win 7) if I should take their numbers, he replied no, then the girl change her seats and sat in front of me, she was flirtish and I saw Rand4 (suriving in kuwait) asking me to put his headphone and ignored them completely, I was like "what the...hell..."

Why would he do that, so I looked at those horny-eyes of hers, and I thought of myself, this girl can satisfied my lust, and then I suddenly stopped.... i realized something...

I don't need her or her friend which I can get both easily, what I need isn't random girls for pleasures, then I'll head back to squire one, I'll end up feeling lonely between so many girls, and just been around them makes me feel the loneliest, and it hurts...

What I want isn't that, what I want is a special girl, to hold me, to hug me, to make me feel safe, to feel special, to feel alive, to know someone beside me.

still I'm kinda confused why Rand4 done that, I was talking to the girls and they asked me, and I told them I dunno why they do that.

lol, the Philippines worker was so jealous of her she told her "stop it!" man it was hilarious, how they had cat-fight, and oo heya 9ej shamatta, i mean come on, girl making fun of weird stuff.

she was a bit disappointed at the end told me "nice meeting you..." hoping that I'd give her the number, I just smile and waved goodbye.

i like her alot! funny, cute, sexy, and everything... just she wasn't special.

rand4 replay he don't like their type, and I think he is shy or trying to act cool >.>