Monday, January 5, 2009

Steam - Buy, Download then Play!

If you love PC games or prefer to purchase original game and download it as many times as you want then Steam is the place for you, although I'm not a fan of steam but this kinda makes it easier for you to purchase video games in very cheap prices, for example you can buy a game for $30 way better than getting it in Kuwait for $65 or even more.

of course the range of games goes around $4 to $39, what you do is purchase the licenses of owning the game, unlike CDs/DVDs that broken and you have to buy another one, this makes it easier for you to get it back, even if you deleted it, as long as you have your steam account.

unlike purchasing games from amazon and have to pay for delivery fees that has been raised and no point purchasing games if the price is ike 2k.d difference and will take you 2 weeks to get.

I learned about Steam from Surviving in Kuwait


Kuwait Surviv0r said...


long live steam!!!!!!!!

Neoark said...

thanks for telling me about it through email! kinda neat! :D

Think-Become said...

i think im gonna try it if i dont get a job soon

Neoark said...

lol, well apply to banks ;p