Saturday, January 10, 2009

AUK CARS Display...more like that

My friend took me with his Audi car, I prefer the Auron or Caprice, because I think the color is red for girls, or so, and guys who follow us thinks driving it are chicks >.>;

Meanwhile, while I we went there, I saw this Hiiiiibiiiii who obviously in drugs who came with "FBK" as Fuck Bank Kuwait, which I don't find it creative or even remotely funny, the funny part where he goes and express what it represent, I just couldn't hold it in and made funny sound like i'm trying not to laugh..... >.>

So, as I was walking I saw fat group of guys selling their used brand prudocts shirts, now thinking of a guy who 'masterbade' and cum on his clothes, makes me have second thought of even touching the clothes.

and what is the deal with the food they display, only thing was good for eye sight, and not eyesore were the rice, that was good, others are just bring some resturant to cook, or home made food cakes... candy and whatever.... fine i need a drink please...

The Idea of sales, is selling stuff CHEAPER so more people come, like my friend bought 15 music CD, Rehab, not to mention you could get it less then that from forums..., or the ANIME group that sells a boxset for 7.5 K.D and have tons of copied Anime DVDs.

Oh yeah lots of COPYRIGHT illegal stuff are put for sale, and the girls who put weird stuff on display obviously they just want to put makeup and show their car, I mean it, like they just hoping to sell stuff by been cute or so, I dunno who tricked these kids and told them their sex appealing! to me, they look like a kids, and kinda felt.... old... these girls i'll just play with like I play with my 4 year old cousin, cause they are kids.

You will find weird items, or jewlery bought from Soog Eljim3a, you can view how much money they put in it, and how less money they getting out of it, and it was totally like less people than expecting, makan za7mah :/

I love the DJ oo el mo3aleg, who has 2 egyptian girls answering their Mac question, really broke my heart, i thought a36eeeh 1/2 k.d to find waneeeet yereeed feeh 7ag beeetah, el meskeen zahag oo 5ala el sho`3el 3l DJ

There was a dog who kinda almost follow me has a sign "I'm for sale" when the philipines girl was holding I asked her "so you are out for sale? how much? ;p"

and what's the deal of those ARABIC people who cannot speak ARABIC?! they talk like hindi el bagalaaah ely yegool "esneeeen deenaaar" so much for their heritage and culture vanished

I rate this... EPIC FAIL!!
for Cars... i rate them an EPIC!

only two good stuff were CDs and Books, and like only two to four stands (from 30-40 stand i saw) have small collection of them.

so if you wanted to see cars, go ahead worth seen... at least won't sore your eyes like jokes.


plastic said...

WTF is a "hiiiibiii" ? and "In drugs"?? Did you say these words to his face or did you think that the brave thing to do was to write about it in your blog ?
And it's INTO DRUGS mo IN DRUGS . When you want to insult someone in ENGLISH use PROPER English Goddammit . Your English is awful just awful.

F. said...

I was there and I can see where you're coming from with your argument...but you have to admit it was a good idea...and the atmosphere wasn't so bad...?

Neoark said...

platic: Well, proudly I never study 3nglish at school, however seriously the dude had shirt with camel fucking another, what guy sell that type of shirt in public, ya3ny 3eeeeeb, ma 3ndah ahal ma 3ndah 5awat, is it really this low at AUK to allow selling sexist shirt and illegal dvd copies.

sheno mako regabah 3ala what they sell?!

F.: good idea, bad executing :p

bored said...

lol i used to drive a girly car, EVERY guy used to look at me expecting a girl

Neoark said...

yeah imagine the attention we get from that!!

i feel special a little ROFL!

Loolykinns said...

I'd probably be there next year... You know my personality so expect something neat :P

Neoark said...

I know i'll get disappointed >:D

Think-Become said...

wanasa.. what time did you go, i went there early and left at 12, and yeah i've seen the fat group of guys selling old clothes too they were on the second lane...

Neoark said...

i came there late :/

Anonymous said...

try finding these CDs on forumes good luck with that . these are old stuff yknow.
even if i found'em online i think it's far cheaper for me than paying shipping + fees + opportunity cost (aka time) = ZOMG .
On the side note : where's my ice-cube i bought from there?

Neoark said...

screw you crooger!! want it back? then SUFFER 99.7fm!

btw i never said anything bad against the CDs >.>