Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I is Sober Honest!

I been tagged by palomino for honest tag >.>;

rules are simple write 10 stuff honestly about your self, and tag 7 bloggers to be honest...

1- When I was a baby I was stubborn, I keep falling every time I try to stand up, get furious and stand up, even though it wasn't time for me to stand yet, never like been weak ever since I was a baby...

2- I threw my milk bottle at muscled guy, I want to pick a fight with him!!! I swear he turned he stared to kill whoever hit him, he saw baby on table getting ready to kick his assk! he laughed and walked away... he was coward!

3- I fainted once in my life, I fell from 2nd floor and never woke up until I remembered something AL7A9AN!! (الحصن) heck i wouldn't miss that show! woke up exactly at time, right my head to the right saw my family and uncles watching tv and they starred at me for yelling "al7a9en!" then suddenly the PAIN of hitting my head to the ground came...and I was like "ooo....hurts....brain....explode...ooo..."

4- I flirted with a girl only to steal her chocolate! stole it and run away >:D

5- I learned about Psychology when I was a kid, Mind Games when I was teenager, and understanding of human thoughts actions, reactions, emotions, and so on, my uncle tried for reverse psychology and gone beyond it since I was stubborn I never do exact opposite, so if he done reverse psychology i do exactly what he says not what he wants ;p

6- I always wondered what was my purpose of life, of course i know now what is it.

7- I once claimed to the roof like spiderman when I was a kid, the doors was locked, and I was outside, and home alone.

8- my weak memory is my desire to forget about the past

9- The doctor give me option, to walk with pain, or without pain, I told him that I prefer to walk normal over walking funny, therefore I choose to walk with pain, and I don't want the second option like in London where I have to replace my ankle, and every 4 years repeat the process, which isn't curing, more like temperarly make me walk normal.

10- there is a girl who I kinda like now, but won't say who


..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

It was fun to read abt u :)

loool at the bottle that u threw on the guy :P

and abt the girl , i wish u best of luck with her just make sure she is worth it so u wont get sick of grils again :D

Neoark said...

okay, i'll change #10 >.>

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

La haw laish?? just make sure that she's worth it and not a player so u wont end up with bad feelings or sad :/ ..

Neoark said...

exactly my thoughts! 5ala9 i keep it ;p

Tiger said...

too much info dudeeeeeeeeeeee, hush hush don't ruin your chances hehe

Neoark said...

I'd like to risk it *cool smirk*

Tiger said...

wray emti7anat a'7ales ow asawi tagek 7ather :)

Think-Become said...

so sorry for #9, allah yashfeek

lmao at #4, sneaky

#2 you sound like stewie from family guy

Neoark said...

Tiger: good luck bl amte7anat mate, we'll see your honest stuff ;p

Think-Become: Victory is mine!!! thanks man teslam wallah

AnGeL said...

nice list, and i liked the milk bottle fight :p cool kid kaak

and whos the girl?? tell tell tell :D : DD :D me want to know :p

Neoark said...

se~ce~rt~ <3

PaLoMiNo said...

1- Hope u grew out of ur Stubberness ;p


3- El7e9in?? that show ele nshoofa awal with games o chethe?!?!?! OMG nasya 3anaa ;p bas sj I remember habynaa feeh habbba ;p
7amdila 3ala salmtik :p

4- It's Okay u were a kid! Sam7tik ;p

5- Hey that's cool!!

6- We still don't know ur purpose?
Spill ;p
what is it???

7- hmmmmm... U have super powers? ;p

8- U eventually will ;)

9- Ma fahamt? what caused this??
Hope U find a solution to ur pain soon..

10. 3ad inshala e3jaab motbaadal & not min 6araf wa7id ;p

We Miss ur posts tara 6awlt 3alyna..

Neoark said...

lol, still stubborn ;p, allah yesalmech, thanks, purpose of what?
7- hmmmmm... U have super powers? inshallah, car accident, amen <3

PaLoMiNo said...

3indy eqtraa7 ;p

next time bedaal , use enter ;p space ;p

chethee ;p

3lshaan il naas ele 3myaan ele nafsy maythy3oon lama ygroon ;p

I ment u said enik et3rf ur purpose in life now.. but u didn't tell us what it is??

Yes I do ;p

7amdela 3ala kil 7al:)

Neoark said...

lol, classified information!!

won't say, will have um... bad reflect if i said it!

chikapappi said...



Neoark said...

can't view it :(

Anonymous said...

This was entraining lol
I think I might use that line "desire to forget about the past" on people and call it my excuse for my lack of memory :P

Happy New Year...
I've been away for a bit, should be back now!

Neoark said...

hope you enjoyed it ;p

yah u can use it as an excuse...

Evil Knievel said...

Alright .... i did your tag... :)
go and check it...

Neoark said...

lol, looks interesting ;p

DreamerGirl said...

Best of luck with the girl ;)

Neoark said...

thanks, but i got no luck