Tuesday, June 2, 2009

save your iphone from cockroaches!!.

well, ello guys and girls. im new here, this is my 1st blog ever. you're gonna find lots of mistakes, however, i dont care and no one else does :) except for nerds like grumpy old gamer. to be honest. he's annoying , but a good guy... "lets hope he's not reading this". he came to my office and said "hey u should write something in my blog" after nagging like 100 zillion times , i even started having nightmares about it "running behing me with a broken laptop saying : my blooogie, maaay~~ blooogie!!!" ... so im here. however, i wont bore u everyday so the world is still safe.

anyways..i wanned to write about something. but everything was boring..until i found this game for iphone... its called ..

if you hate roaches, dont go in.. lol

so, appearntly i was bored one night. i was checking what i could download for my iphone .. one of the games that caught my attention. was icockroach.. im like , wth ..
well, i'll let u judge ...

here's what they say..

Application description
New introduction price 0.99 cent "who wants to pay 1 buck to raise a cockroach"

We present you the first virtual cockroach on iPhone. "yaay!!!"

Armed with an incredible insect-sized artificial brain, it will keep you company during boring days with its charm!
"new fact, a cockroach is smart!!"

... hmm and the features are ...
- Interact, feed and take care of your insect. "no comment"
- 4 levels of growth: look at your cockroach as it grows and changes color. "hell, it gets more disgusting as it grows!!"
- Acknowledge its thoughts, thanks to its emoticons. "what can i do to you my queen roachie!!"
- Take care of it, don't let it die and try not to step on it! "hah! thats the 1st thing i would do!!"

check it out on youtube. "only if your heart is strong enough"


so guy and girls, ladies and gentleman. there goes my 1st post. hopefully i didn't cause any of u to throw up or hate grumpy gamer, he has no control over me . please dont hate him :P

as for the application. DO NOT INSTALL IT ON YOUR IPHONE.. unless you love cockroaches. which means you need help. go see a doctor!!


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Crooger said...
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Neoark said...

welcome, and LOL!!!!!

9ej sick game!

Fencer Darkwind said...

wee3 >_<