Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Final Fantasy 14 ONLINE!

thanks to Alkaizer for this video

in E3 2009, they announce a new Final Fantasy 14 online for pc and playstation 3 will be released next year and in one time multi-language release

The game is pretty similar to XI in character design, however the whole world is different as goes to the storyline and earning experience, you can play solo or in a group.

they used the feed back of their first MMORPG and decided to create a better online than previous one.

they are considering separate gamers by region lock, I say, make one server for japanese, and others for multi-language

The game will be release as basic, and there will be constant updates and expansions for new features, jobs, weapons and areas.

I have already a group who wants to join in.

oh yeah i'm getting FF13 in japanese, can't wait for english version, but will try asian might get lucky and has english menu and subtitle.



sogeking said...

mn 9ejk!? lazm 2 accounts! wa7d lek oo wa7d ley!

Anonymous said...

count me in

Fencer Darkwind said...

Maybe better than FF11.