Tuesday, June 2, 2009

TEKKEN 6 on ...PSP GO?

Some sources indicates that Tekken 6 might show up on PSP or PspGo !
My hunch is , It might come out Bundled with PspGo , since the system doesn't have any games availible (even the psp) . Also , SoulCalibur is going to be released on psp too, that shows a trend on Namco-Bandai to publish games like "Tekken5 :DR" on ps3 and psp. Furthermore , PSP HAS NOTHING HERE!

I think it may pass True , to me. Like the MGS ON XBOX360 .

Tekken forces


Neoark said...


why don't they take KoF instead!!

Fencer Darkwind said...

PSP Go is horrible. no UMD and no tv out?

how the heck am i supposed to play my cds??