Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nier is official < yo

Here's a clip from Squeek game Nier official trailer . from last week i posted about (before kotaku n others lol)


Neoark said...


trailer is not half bad, bss he looks tough, not the typical "cute pretty boy" hero!

lets hope this is the new begining of manly men and feminist females

Fencer Darkwind said...

lets just hope its not a generic devil may cry rip off.

Where's my Xenogears remake?? and where's threads of fate 2??

Square lost it when they started to take 5 years to make a Final Fantasy game, when it used to be 1 year -_-

Neoark said...

final fantasy now takes too long to make and storyline is too short

Crooger said...

"lets just hope its not a generic devil may cry rip off."
lol !!
everything is rip off! they are all clones a way or another , but it's not a bad thing at all! for example the game "bahamut blood" , ppl "originality" priks started saying " ZOMG SotC REAP OFF !!!111ONEONE.." As to me , i don't mind remakes as long it's a great game being made.