Sunday, June 28, 2009

The most disturbing post!

I HATE IT!, I have to have clean version of my blog for kids, man oh man I really want to say this dirty stuff :P

It's SO dirty! and the fun part it is hilarious also :(

The idea of combining PLEASURE and JOY! same time, oh... man... so dirty

I'm talking about Apple....

p.s. not joking about dirty part :P

some girls may know it, of course dirty ones!! flithy dirty ones :P

but seriously it is a sick idea, unless it was used for torturing hmmmm *halo above his head*

I'm gonna youtube it *drools*


Ruby Woo said...

what is it?? gimme a link.. gimme gimme gimme

Neoark said...

hehe, maybe through email :P

you'll laugh of what they made!