Tuesday, June 16, 2009

KoF XII @ Burj Abyath

Guess what?! King of Fighters XII at Borj Abyath! they used an old arcade stick, new arcade board, and Full HD TV, you can't play Street Fighter IV there anymore.

I say, screw SF4, I'll play KoF XII! only available @ borj abyath... exclusively

Jawad called and invited me to try it out, and it was amazingly good.


Crooger said...

are you sure? cuz KOF is entirely something else . how? a straight 4 buttons , for starters.

Neoark said...

yup, they have 4 straight buttons, yesterday I was there playing it, man oh man I made combos with super, you should see it.

KTDP said...


king of fighters kills street fighter anyday!

Crooger said...

KTDP : are u sure? just to staright things up , I'M SNK FAN!
I can find SF is more player friendly and technical than sf .
but then again , if it's easy to play i don't mind , i hope it deosn't end up like guilt gear thing .

Anonymous said...

god, they even have it @ ri7ab (and I mean the arcade) wala 3jeeb, you use coins instead of cards. I even have a pic on my blackberry, but it's not that good. I could send you it when I upload my pics on the computer.

Neoark said...

sure thing, i want to see the rehab's arcade!