Saturday, April 11, 2009

Resident Evil 5 10 out of 10

I have had played it none-stop since afternoon up until now, yknow the feeling of satisfaction? even though i'm sick tiredm sleepy and not allowed to operate heavy machinery >.>

Let me play the Victory theme!

*psyches up then raise his right fist the sky*

I sold my best weapon for ammo... but oh well i beaten the last boss, anyhow, the storyline is awesome, the gameplay is sweet, require tactics, the button appear for you to 'dodge', the crocodiles are just huge, i bet one of those can eat a shark!

I like how the game has more puzzles than Resident Evil 4, but it seemed the game more of shooting at points than puzzles, but still less puzzles to solve than prequel series.

I aced the puzzles first try, they were pretty easy not very hard ones, should of make more puzzles.

I'll play it again, but I need to get more points then end it and make more than one weapon has infinite ammo, all RE series has infinite ammo if u complete the game, it also has The Mercenaries, which you have a task to do in certain time.

Last game I finished was Metal Gear Solid 4, that means almost a year...

I was playing a game, while watching a movie, don't ask me how i done it!

I should finish it again, then might go and try Mirror's edge before I go to something heavy like Star Ocean 4

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