Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dragon Ball Kai

It's not new Dragonball series, it's DragonBall z but reanimated (re-colored) and above that they are going with no fillers, they have had release a remaster dragon ball z, but it seemed this series still can brings profits

Toriyama has stopped dragon ball z since Buu Saga, so Dragon ball GT isn't really his work, therefore the whole series is consider a filler.

oh yeah and First Episode Released

atleast Dragonball Kai is hundred times better than Naruto or Bleach and their fillers.


CuteandCuddly said...

oh my god i love that anime :)
i want to see the movie :)
and i am with you it is better then naruto and bleach !!!!!!

Neoark said...

all you need is rapidshare account :P

Dragonball Episode said...

Great picture, But the anime doesn tlook like this when u actually watch it, Only the trailer is like that and the opening scenes

Neoark said...

still, it is 'recolored' there is huge difference even if wasn't like trailer.

still beats naruto and bleach ;p