Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kare Kano AKA His and Her Circumstances

I did promise for girl's girly anime didn't I :P

Kare Kano is drama, romance, and highs school story.

The story about a girl who is 'perfect' on exterior(outlook), but that perfection is fake, she hides her desires and reality from others to stay as an icon in her school, all girls admires her, all boys loves her, and she is very hard to get, however she is always 2nd place against a boy, she hates him from all her heart, whenever he is around all attraction he steals.

like she wears contact lens, dress up really funny at home!

She has two cute sisters who are tomboys who are smart and analyze everything, and will do anything to be #1.

So the drama starts when she dump on him while he visit her, and he discover her true reality, and the blackmailing starts! through the plots and corner love develop!


CuteandCuddly said...

i have the manga :)
i read it :)
cool i am going to totally watch it !!!!!!!!!!

Neoark said...

i love the show, for the comedy! :D

Anoosa said...

oMG!! It sounds amazing I'm totally gonna watch it after I'm done with quarter tests!!! I love those kinds of amines!! My fav is Dec Conan!!

Neoark said...

lol sha5bari detective conan :P