Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tekken 6 arcade at the white tower

Tekken 6 arcade at the White Tower

Thanks to caveman007

rejoice people, now you don't have to Shell out 400fills for one game at barou,
its now available at the white tower (alborj alabya'6) for 200fills a game and
they also sell the character customization cards for 5kd each.


salah said...

Tekken is one of the best arcade fighting games ever.

isn't 200 fils the price for most arcade places?

by the way, could you post more pics.


Neoark said...

there is Barooooi it has Tekken also the price for it game is 400Fils, in White Tower (Borj Abyath) the game is actually 100Fils, but since it is new and they want to get the costs ASAP.

pictures for Tekken? or White Tower?