Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fallout 3! in kuwait

So I gotten Fallout 3 yesterday for 16.5k.d new (my aim is to get the game in cheapest price, you should try that when you can) anyhow, I tried it around 11pm, and it reaches around 2:30am, I didn't know about the time, I was drawn to the game, you can play as First Person or Third person, which I chosen a Third person, The gameplay isn't very cool, or the best there is, from third person looks like GTAIV heck and GTAIV with that bad gameplay gotten good review and fans. (Talking about third person style)

You can choose whatever you want to be, boy or girl, which race, Asian, Espanola, African, or white, you can also change your face expression, have nice haircut, but the beards and mustaches collection is the best there is! Especially the Chinese beard!

I don’t consider it as an RPG, because the only thing related to an RPG it has, the skill up, and your strength going up, otherwise there is nothing in the game consider RPG martial, it’s like playing CoD4 and you pick locks, and repair your weapon, best thing about the game is the idea of choosing ‘what to do’ like aim at one target head then other, shoot two people behind each other, blow up a grenade thrown at you.

You get out to the world, and it is ruined, no spoilers here because duh obviously it is ruined, then you play just like GTAIV you can do anything, and there is storyline which during you’ll play you’ll discover it.

I just spring my ankle in the game, and I walk just like real life, the irony, playing myself in the game SUCKS! *stare down*

This game, from what I seen, 10/10 score a perfect score, I also love the idea of playing radio if you get a bit lonely or listen to records of people, kind of amusing listening to someone talks like drama, and killing people
this is an addicted game

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Official Xbox Magazine 12/1/2008 10 out of 10 100.0%