Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blind Gamer

It's no joke, he has what they call it 'MAD SKILLZ' I talked to him yesterday he plays mostly Challenging games, he also play at White Tower from time to time, He doesn't see his opponent, but he can play through his hearing, I haven't seen him play Street Fighter 3rd strike, but In Tekken 5 he beaten my friend (who i admit he is Tekken-holic).
He uses 'sounds' to play, when my friend introduce us, I haven't made one sound, and notice how he knew I was standing on the left side from my friend's voice direction, he raised his hand to shake as if he can see me, I shaken his hand and we talked, calling me a Legend in Tekken and so from rumors he heard about me, I am not no legend, I was good but now i'm just retired.
There is up coming Tekken Tournament, he and my friends will sign in it, I might as well sign, will be fun to fight the best although I'm positive I won't last long there!, but for my friends and him, I think one of them will be in TOP5
I hope I can record a video of how he plays, maybe one day I will. If you know anyone with unbelievable skills or, I would like you to Youtube him playing and send it to me, only one condition he is in Kuwait currently.


EXzombie said...

a blind gamer, in the white tower....!!!

I think he is just a DareDevil fanatic, and we have alot of them

anyhow nice blog and welcome to Safat

Neoark said...

Thanks exzombie,
it seemed i gotten accepted!, that is very nice.