Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pretty official to me PSP....GO!

Since sony announced a PSP GO (2nd generation of psp), these psp designs looks pretty official to me!



Neoark said...

nice work, always put down the source!

maybe u should write title 'psp 2'

Fencer Darkwind said...

I always hated handhelds for some reason. games are better on the big screen.

Crooger said...

Fencer Darkwind:
i hear ya .... but funny thing is i have all systems and yet i play mostly DS. fun,simple>super-graphics.

Anonymous said...

PSPGo 8al'lad, 9ah Neoark?

Neoark said...

nope, PSPGo is 9a7

bss why not just name it PSP2 a7la oo easy to recognized