Saturday, May 23, 2009

save your money

Terminator salvation is the worst terminator movie ever, I'm not the only one saying it, RottenTomato also agrees.

I'm not a blogger influenced by 'money' for ads, so I say and write whatever I desire, this how 'bloggers' should be.

a blogger been 'paid' for not saying bad shit about the products presented, is not a reliable blogger.

he is 'priced' blogger.



CuteandCuddly said...

no it cant be christian bail acts in that movie :(

Mark said...

8/10 is a really high score on IMDB

KTDP said...


Christian Bale pees rose water, poos play dough and farts potpourri!

and Moon Bloodgood has been in my spank bank since it was legal!

Neoark said...

I seen the whole movie on release date, I got out from work and directly gone to cinema to see it, now that how much tells you I love termonitor.

I always use IMDB and sometimes get influenced but rottentomato is the real criticisms.