Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Street Fighter IV tournament

Take your time training, canceling-attacks and making new combos, known that you will be the champion of the SF4 grumpy tournament, the time is near. practice harder. practice daily, and make sure to spread the word around, the more participates the more champion has meaning.

The Console: PS3
The controllers: Ps3 controller (unless you bring your arcade stick)
The time: 90-60sec
the rounds: 3 rounds (the one you pick 5 rounds)
The place held tournament: In Re7ab - Hawalli
The register fees: unknown
The register time: unknown

prize: undecided, depends on the registers.

I think we should make a trophy for the winner, well if the participates a lot, a trophy should be made and has #1 in it.


Anonymous said...

where in ri7ab?

Neoark said...

I will write it inshallah once it is open, this post will be updated in few days inshallah