Friday, March 20, 2009

LIVE!! SF4 tournament NOW!!

I lost, but there is over 30 guys here, quacko, nestl, froggy, classic, crooger, sogeking and me.

the matches is live... i lost first round :(

wish crooger can play...

to watch it live please click here for live stream

girls...CHEER ME!!!


Winner: Ganoon (blanka)

From 22 participaters, more details will be posted later including pictures and stuff, it was awesome gameplay, success, and further more...

the June big tournament winner will go to japan to represent Kuwait, on Capcom expenses.

register at for participating in upcomming tournaments which will proadcast live.

there will be rapidshare or something similar for the matches if you miss it and want in high quality.


Anonymous said...

Where do I find out about these tournaments? I really wanted to play =(

ShadowofMath said...

Yeah, it was a great tournament. Great way to spend my birthday!

About the June tournament, So how did you get Capcom involved?

Neoark said...

anon: in my blog, i announce these stuff/

shadowofmatch: ask quacko that what i understood from him :P

btw great matches shadowofmath!