Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Killzone 2 - Resident Evil 5 - Street Fighter 5

So, If you want a great game but sucks at offline go and pick Killzone, actually I'd prefer to just get it used, since you won't be able to play online, and that takes the fun of main idea of FPS (first person shooting).

Resident Evil 5 is great game, but COME ON!! I have to play it on easy level, and it is build for hardcore gamers, only thing it require is fixing the 'stand while shoot' thingy, I cannot move if i am aiming, we know it's realistic, but...zombies aren't real :P

I don't understand a million person lived in Racoon city, can't they just bring that era back and play a new character?

I don't like 3D Street Fighter even if it was based on 2D, the size of characters are big, and area is small, and kinda hard to move around, and there is few perry, and each character has certain move, which it sucks if you can't choose..., and the cut scenes done by CHEAP animators, seriously... at least make it CG! DUH!!

it's not better than Street Fighter 3rd strike but it is sure enjoyable to play, by default Tekken 6 is the best Fighting game of new generation, unless KoF has something to show.


Anonymous said...

ur rite mate killzone 2 online is bad,

Anonymous said...

"CHEAP animators"

You can say that again! :/