Friday, February 27, 2009

I can't kick, but my normal punch is 75% DAMAGE! in SF4

you don't believe me? CHECK THE YOUTUBE! SOLID PROOF!

This isn't a super attack or ultra attack or even an ex attack, just a normal attack and inflect great damage.

The trick is holding on 3 kicks for over than a minute, while doing that you can attack in low punch, medium punch and high punch, then just release the button you holding for over than one minute, you will inflect GREAT DAMAGE.

it also works if you hold all 3 punches buttons for over than one minute, of course you can use the kicks buttons to attack only, and just move your fingers from all 3 buttons and it will unleash the most powerful attack in street fighter iv.

the one figured it out was Crooger, while fighting a Chinese guy!

Crooger ps3 id: Grumpy1337

i'm giving away this info, so you know how it works, instead of wasting time searching for how it works, and for those who knew it, and didn't want to share it, well BITE ME :P

please enjoy these carefully picked street fighter youtube clips, and don't soil yourself while laughing.


Ruby Woo said...

I love street fighter!!

I used to play it a lot on SegaSaturn ;p I also used to be addicted to the movie and cartoon versions of it.

Neoark said...

lol, now that's a shock!!

well, street fighter 3rd strike (find it on ps2) best game ever, and street fighter II animated best anime ever.

SF4 is good, but there will be even 2 different versions of it.

thegame4ever said...

this is old news, srk ftw.

Turn Around Punch (TAP) - Hold (or ), Release (or ) - ARMOUR BREAK

* invincibility frames on startup
* does more dmg the longer you hold PPP (or KKK)
* can hit crouching opponents (might be character specific though? can someone confirm?)
* can link a cr jab afterwards if TAP was a counter hit


Neoark said...

crooger told me it exists in old street fighter i think alpha, well some knows about it, and many don't know.

and I prefer Tekken 6 over street fighter :P

thegame4ever said...

Then come play me in Tekken 6. Esp. since burj has bloodline rebellion for over 2 weeks now.

Neoark said...

salmiya is very far for me, specially i live in jahra.

and I had an accident and my car is still been fixed..

in my profile there is email, sent me ur number to meet inshallah and fight ;p