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how to fix the stupid 3 red rings of death for the stupid xbox 360

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ok, good morning ladies and girls , monkeys and gorillas and the rare species called "gentlemen" which dont exist anymore.

im 1/2 asleep, just woke up and im at work, im typing with one eye opened once it reaches its limit, i close it and open the other one. bottom of the line, this will not be the best guide to fix your xbox 360 red ring. however it will be very useful for u, trust me.

1- Story - all whats below is bullshit, u can skip to the part " 3- what i did" if you're in a hurry ;P or just look at the pictures to get the idea.

so, i got the rrod "red ring of death", when i first borrowed xbox 360 from my brother after playing for 2 hours. gave it back to him, some weird moron told him that he had to change the mother board. and he did. keep in mind that my brother only keeps his xbox and other gaming consoles as decoration , i'd say his playtime hours in whole year is maybe just 3 hours -.-

ok who gives a shit. so i bought it from him, knowing that its been fixed and works fine. as soon as i got it. modded it , just when i downloaded fable2 and wanned to lpay. i got the evil red ring again. im like "NOOOOOOOOO IM CURSED" i guess this is what i get for being mean .. i'll be nice from no on, i promise.. so i took it to the shop. they're like , its a heating problem, so im like, can u fix it? the owner shop was like yeah, but it'll cost ya. im like whatever just fucking fix it. so the next day, i went to pick it up, and the guy told me if u get it again in less than 2 weeks, i'll fix it for free. surprise surprise, after 10 days, i get the same ring. guess my prayers and promising about me not being mean didnt work out.

oh well, so i decided to search a bit before kicking the technician's ass
acording to wikipedia , if you search for xbox 360 rrod , you'll read that it's a tech problem in almost all xbox 360's . and most shops offer temp solution.

googling , youtubing, i even purchased the ultimate guide to fix the xbox
and i was disappointed. the guide didn't provide anything new to youtube and the free guides, so dont bother yourself, i even asked them a question , technical question ofcourse, but they didn't reply, why? scam ofcourse. if anyone wants the videos or the pdf files , just email me and i'll send them to you, for free ofcourse.
ok im getting bored. so i'll skip to the next part.

2- why does it happen? mostly because of heat. some weird people are blaming microsoft, there's a small weird material.


from one game spot forums .. there are many guys using the penny fix on youtube too, click on the picture to see the white thingies if u wanna know what im talking about.

he's blaming microsoft for using a material which he doesnt know what. as if microsoft intends to replace all those xboxes underwarranty on purpose ..
although i have to admit, the solution is pretty smart and i've also read that it doesn't work for some people too . so most likely the problem isn't in those memory chips.

another one is the clamps
im too lazy to paste things from here.
but the thing is the clamps lose their pressure after they get hot , and the heat sink will not provide the "touch" with your either cpu or gpu or both.

the other problem is "the fans" and the heat sings, microsoft are providing small heat sinks to .. blah blah, stop reading, google ;P

anyways, who gives a shit about the problem everyone wanna know how to fix it
a very nice tutorial here for the xclamps

3- what i did .
ok, after a 3 days googling / youtubing and deciding which guide to buy . ofcourse i bought the cheapest one from which i was surprised that he removed the white material "which is supposed to be a heat cundutor" and placing a rubber!! which is an isolator, i mean , wtf . i asked him about that but he ignored me , oh well, he got his money ofcourse.

so, i opened the xbox 360, u will be surprised , or actually not, well, i found out that most of the clips were broken, 2 lost screws and shit. i got pissed but i was like i'll never take it to a stupid workshop again.

so, i followed the procedures on how to open up my xbox, ofcourse neoark "the owner of this blog" comes to me and gives him his look "you'll never succeed mowahaha" or says something stupid "just buy a fan for it for 20kd" ok, i didn't know that, i wouldn't buy it anyways ;P im too stubborn.

so, what i bought was
-2 small cpu fans, i think 5cm x 5cm
-3 medium cpu fans, 8x8
-super bond glue "doesnt stick, but fills the gab" which is also heat resistant and can be found almost anywhere.
-external power supply, 12 volts which is the volt used for the xbox fans and the ones i bought, you can adjust the volt from 12 to 24 so , i bought it, incase i need it for something else later.
-soldering gun and some led as well as some wires
-thermo compound
-video 90 , chemical cleaner filled with alchohol "no its not for drinking"

i didn't buy all of this, just took my xbox to my workshop at work and it got most of the tools, ofcourse u need screw drivers t8 , t9 , but i bought the collection from t1 to t10

im not gonna go into details in showing u how to open it and blah blah, its out there
but what i did was

1- open xbox

2- take out the motherboard.

3- make 3 holes for the fans on the side.

4- sticking the fans on the grey cover with the bound glue "you mix two together"

5-wait for it to dry, duh.

6-remove the xclamps and use a small screw driving. dont be lazy like me and use a
big one. i accidently scratches the motherboard when my hand slipped , i got lucky i didn't cut one of the circuits , so its up to u.

7-clean the processors and shine them well , get small washers, and apply the xclamp fix from youtube "its almost anywhere. its easy once u understand the concept.

8-put the heat sinks back again then flip it.

9-remove those weird looking white rubbery sticky stuff. what u wanna do from here is up to u. u can apply the penny fix, or the rubber one or what did, i applied alot of thermo compound on the memory chips, then put those white stuff back again

10-glued 2 small fans together. then glued them on the big heat sink "i saw a guy from the net, dun remember who, but thats where i got the idea from, credits go to him whoever u are" :P he was using one big fan though

11-take of the plug of the xbox original fans and solder some wires to them, the idea is to connect all the fans to external power supply. so u can control the speed without worrying.
after everything is done, put it back together.
yeah and i used the bond glue on the connections after soldering them together its better to use than a duct tape its resistance to heat, and good for isolation, and it stays , just a plastic chunk if u know what i mean.

here are the pics, you'll get the idea. once u look at them. dont complain about the pics, i took them with iphone, and shutup, i love my iphone ;P
good luck.


forget about the ugly guy in the background ;P .. lol hope he wont read this.













i know this isn't the best mod in the whole world, but i dont give a shit about what it supposed to look like as long as it works.
tested it for 7 hours straight. its working like a charm, it used to hangs ever couple of hours .. its the weekend, yay, so probably gonna go for 10 hours.

u can increase the voltage to 16 , it wont be a problem, but with that amount of fans i think 12 volts is enough. not to mention that the fans on the sides are pushing air in, as well as the small 2 fans inside, and the original fans are sucking the air out this way u wont disturb the air current ..

yeah and one more thing. from my personal experience. DO NOT BUY THOSE STUPID HELP GUIDES everything is available on youtube. and google. i just bought it cuz, umm its wanned to see if its the same as youtube and google or not. or just msg me and i'll give u the one i bought. if u wanna waste ur money , go ahead ;P

its not like a rocket , way easier than dessamble ps3 when my son jammed 3 dvds in the blueray player "shrugs" i should hang him to the cieling from his feel and make bugs bite his ass.. now i put those devices away from his reach.

so bottom of the line, you can do it yourself , its a little bit louders now since u can increase the voltage. not that xbox 360 is on silent mode

and dudes. dont tell me that "ps3 is better" im sure every console has its on ups and downs. but the only thing i aim for is "playing backups" .. omg.. i said it, im gonna get punished... omg, the rrod is gonna chase me again..

well, whatever. im tired. good luck guys.


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